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September colors in Pirttimäki

Pirttimäki outdoor recreational area is an great outdoors area in Espoo. It has 20 kilometers of marked trails plus numerous smaller paths zigzagging the area. On September weekend there were quite many people, others hiking or cycling, others strolling with their baskets and rubber boots, hunting for mushrooms.

The main paths are quite wide and well marked.

Highway in Pirttimäki

For those planning to visit Sulalampi, this is all there is left of the hut unfortunately.

Sulalampi fire site

No wonder the Hynkänlampi fire site is quite popular.

Almost like in wilderness

It’s Kupilka and cocoa time!

Kupilka time


The trail post to potholes.

Hiidenkirnu - potholes

A pothole near Sorlampi.

Hiidenkirnu - pothole

A path on cliffy side near Bredmalmen.

Path on Bredmalmen cliff terrain

The best trails are the small ones.

Lots of trails in the area

September colors

The protected part of the Pirttimäki area.

Pirttimäki protected area

Do no pass this cafe! A nice place to relax after your hiking day. The cafe is open every day.

Pirttimäki cafe


January visit to Åland

I made a weekend visit to Ahvenanmaa (Åland) in the first week of January, not the most popular time of the year. I made short trips to surrounding nature in Maarianhamina and Eckerö. The archipelago of Åland can be reached by ferries from Helsinki or Turku.

Next night snow arrived to Åland and other southern parts of Finland.

A view to Maarianhamina harbour
A trail in Badhusberget
Käringsundsby nature trail in Eckerö
Fish farm in Käringsund
Käringsund fish harbour
Boat house
Käringsund fish harbour from the other side of the bay
Windmill in Eckerö
On the ferry back to Turku

Vaakkoi forest in December

Vaakkoi forest is in southern Finland in Vihti and partly in Espoo, about 30 kilometres from the center of Helsinki. If arriving by a car, there’s a parking place at the start of the trails. There are no marked trails, so you should know the routes or have a map and some short of orienteering skills.

On the 6th of December, on the Independence Day of Finland, the first snow had arrived covering trails quite totally. Snow gave some light and sun was shining for a moment but still the day was quite grey and the length of the day was only few hours. There were quite many streams to pass since I lost the trail occasionally. I was wearing my true companions of 4 years, Lowaboots but at this trip I noticed they lost their water resistance.

The sun was going down very quickly and because of trail finding operation the trip was shorter than planned. The sausages reserved for the fire at the lean-to at pond Kämmenlampi were saved for another time. There are many ponds and lots of trails in the area so I’ll have to visit it again when there’s no snow.

Some rare moments of sun in December

Here used to be a tar kiln
Pond of Väärä-Musta
Start of icing
Looks like winter
Pond of Väärä-Musta

The trail goes right here somewhere

A walk in the northern part of Helsinki central park

I made a short walk in the northern part of Helsinki central park near Pitkäkoski rapids and Haltiala area in late November. The green belt of central park of Helsinki starts in the center of Helsinki ends in the north to Vantaa river. In the north lies Haltiala recreation area with many paths for walking and cycling and in winter for skiing. There is even an protected area and three nature trails (see pdf in Finnish) in Haltiala.

All this lies 10 km from the city centre. The last Saturday of November was sunny and unusually warm for the season. The trip was good to end to the Hiking Cafe at Pitkäkoski.

Pitkäkoski rapids behind traditional Finnish fence
Pitkäkoski rapids are quite tame in late November
Trail by the river
Picnic place by the field
Elk feeding place
Elk meeting point in Helsinki
Minerals for elk - salt pole
Haltiala protected area
Duckboards in Haltiala protected area
Looks like in Nuuksio national park
Quite peaceful
Beautiful traditional Finnish fence - quite rare nowadays
Pitkäkoski cafe hut - freshly baked blueberry doughnuts (munkki)

Kivinokka recreation area in November

Kivinokka area in Helsinki is very versatile. It has nice walking paths, two beaches, pretty little cottages, a small boat harbor, Herttoniemi garden area with small cottages on tiny lots, a 19th century Kulosaari mansion, a nice summer cafe, a nature trail. In November it is quiet, most people have close their cottages for winter.

See my other post of Kivinokka in the spring time.

Tiny cottages are scattered around
A view from bird watcher's tower to Viikki Study and Research Farm

Green in November
Fallen logs

Autumn forest
Advice to nature walkers, Kulosaari mansion at the background
Old stone fence near Kulosaari mansion
Oak road to Kulosaari mansion
Kulosaari mansion is near the small boat harbor and Herttoniemi garden area
Matching colors of Kulosaari mansion

Espoo Laajalahti nature trail in October

Laajalahti nature trail in October is quite still, almost all birds have left and leaves have mostly fallen. Nature house Villa Elfvik and the cafe is open though. There are three nature paths, one circular route of 700m, one for smaller children and one 3 km long trail to Otaniemi.

Duckboards between Villa Elfvik and Otaniemi
Otaniemi looming
Quite unusual birch skin
Storm has passed by recently
Pathway to bird watching tower near Villa Elfvik
A view from the bird tower to Laajalahti bay
Eastern Finland breed of "kyyttö" cows occupy this area in summer
A view to Helsinki
The forest near Villa Elfvik
Museum of Gallen-Kallela nearby
It's not Vekkula of Linnanmäki amusement park though on this slanted deck you may feel like it
Trees of Väinö Varis nature trail
Woodpecker point 6 of Väinö Varis nature trail (for smaller children)
Villa Elfvik
Old boat in the shelter (open on Sundays only in winter) near Villa Elfvik

Photos of October fog in the forest

I found a nice piece of forest by accident this weekend while visiting Kirkkonummi in southern Finland. The fog was quite heavy all morning and afternoon. It brought out details of the forest quite nicely and in a different way. Such a nice forest, just a few hundred meters from highway 51.

Still some colors left
This juniper is huge and protected
This is from Kirkkonummi - not Lapland
Work of art
Nice terrain
Beautiful lichen, poronjäkälä (cladonia stellaris)