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Vaakkoi forest in December

Vaakkoi forest is in southern Finland in Vihti and partly in Espoo, about 30 kilometres from the center of Helsinki. If arriving by a car, there’s a parking place at the start of the trails. There are no marked trails, so you should know the routes or have a map and some short of orienteering skills.

On the 6th of December, on the Independence Day of Finland, the first snow had arrived covering trails quite totally. Snow gave some light and sun was shining for a moment but still the day was quite grey and the length of the day was only few hours. There were quite many streams to pass since I lost the trail occasionally. I was wearing my true companions of 4 years, Lowaboots but at this trip I noticed they lost their water resistance.

The sun was going down very quickly and because of trail finding operation the trip was shorter than planned. The sausages reserved for the fire at the lean-to at pond Kämmenlampi were saved for another time. There are many ponds and lots of trails in the area so I’ll have to visit it again when there’s no snow.

Some rare moments of sun in December

Here used to be a tar kiln
Pond of Väärä-Musta
Start of icing
Looks like winter
Pond of Väärä-Musta

The trail goes right here somewhere