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My top 10 outdoor photos of 2012

I list here my top 10 most viewed outdoor photos of year 2012 on flickr. All are published and taken in 2012. Seven of those pictures are taken in winter, four of the pictures are taken by the seashore in Helsinki. Thanks for all viewers and readers!

1. Trees along the ski track in Pirttimäki, Espoo, February

Pirttimäki, Espoo

2. Snowshoeing in Ylläs, Lapland, March 2012

Snowshoeing in Ylläs

3. Trees at dusk near seashore in Helsinki, March 2012

Lauttasaari, Helsinki

4. Midwinter colors in Ylläs, Lapland at Christmas 2012

Lapland in December

5. Icebreak whitewater kayaking event, Helsinki, April 2012

Icebreak 2012

6. Skiing at dusk on ice on Helsinki shore, February 2012

Skiing on ice in Helsinki

7. Helsinki seashore at 10 p.m, May 2012

Helsinki at 10 pm

8. Kellostapuli fell in Ylläs, Lapland, March 2012

Kellostapuli fell in Ylläs - Lapland

9. Saimaa ringed seal on lake Saimaa, August 2012

Saimaa ringed seal / Norppa

10. Waiting for the perfect light – photographers on the seashore in Helsinki, January 2012

Waiting for the perfect light


My top blog posts of 2012

Thanks for all readers/viewers of my blogs in 2012. Here are my the 10 most viewed blog posts published in 2012. Of these posts 4 are of kayaking trips of some sort, 4 are of winter activities like skiing, skating or walks. 5 of the posts are situated in southern Finland.

These posts include my highlights of outdoor year 2012.

1. Ice skating in Helsinki, Feb. 2012

A separate route circles the ice rink

A post of ice skating on one of the open air ice rinks in Helsinki.

2. Kayaking on lake Saimaa, July 2012


A post of kayaking trip to lake Saimaa. One of the most memorable moments of the year.

3. Seita trail in Ylläs, Oct.2012

The trail in the gorge

A day walk in October on the fells of Ylläs. An after-season visit to Lapland was nice because of relatively peaceful season in Lapland. The best colors of the fall had passed but still some left. Snow arrived pretty soon after the visit.

4. Skiing in Pirttimäki, Espoo, Jan. 2012


A post of cross country skiing in one of the skiing area of southern Finland.

5. Nuuksio national park in March, March 2012

Pine trees

A post of a day walk and skiing trip to the most popular national park of southern Finland.

6. Helsinki shoreline in June, June 2012


A post of a walk along the shoreline in Helsinki in the morning after a light rainshower. Familiar route that changes every day.

7. Kayaking and fauna in Linnansaari national park, Aug. 2012

Saimaa ringed seal tracker

Encounters with lake Saimaa fauna while kayaking in July and August. Another highlight of the summer, staying by lake Saimaa for holidays, lots of kayaking around great waters of Linnansaari national park.

8. Kayaking with a dog, July 2012

“Just checking the shore’s at the back”

A post of teaching a small dog to go kayaking.

9. January visit to Åland, Jan. 2012

Käringsund fish harbour from the other side of the bay

A post of the winter long-weekend trip to Åland island in Finnish archipelago. Unusual but interesting time for a stay.

10. Late evening kayaking in Helsinki, June 2012

Summer evening

A post of June evening kayaking on the waters of Helsinki.

My personal favourites of outdoor photos in 2011

I went through my outdoor pictures taken in 2011 and selected my favourites. There are two pictures that are also on the list of the most viewed of my 2011 flickr pictures (Skiing on sea in Helsinki and Kayaker in Lauttasaari). I selected these purely by my own feelings of the moment the picture was taken and ones that look the best to my eye. Which one is your favourite?

Skiing on sea in Helsinki, January 2011

This was taken near the shore of Lauttasaari in Helsinki at 4pm. Two skiers were just starting their ski trip to the sea. I had a few moments to get the picture while skiers were at the right place to the evening sun.

Skiing on sea in Helsinki

Twilight biking – underpass in Helsinki, November 2011

Unusually warm autumn and biking was still comfortable. I had my camera attached to my bike and when I noticed the blue color of twilight and the yellow light of underpass I just took some picture while cycling through.

Into the twilight - biker's underpass in Helsinki

Helsinki in twilight, November 2011

I was biking at dusk in Helsinki when there were these rare colors of blue and purple on the sea behind bare trees near the shore. I steadied the camera to the handlebar of my bike and took the picture.

Helsinki in November

A view from the ski cafe in Ylläsjärvi, Lapland. December 2011

This is a recent picture from the last days of 2011, taken on my holiday trip to Lapland. The blue colors of kaamos time brings out the peacefulness of the most darkest time of the north.

A view from Ylläsjärvi ski hut in December

Kayaking in Linnansaari national park, July 2011

I spend some time in summer in the lake area. I was kayaking past two small islands on lake Haukivesi. It was a perfect summer day, no wind at all. Sunshine was at the back so I turned and took a picture of the back of my kayak and of those tiny islands.

Linnansaari national park near Vehkaset islands

Kayaker in Lauttasaari, Helsinki. April 2011

As soon the ice melts from the sea the first kayakers are to be found paddling. As a kayaker myself it is always a happy sight as it is a sure sign of approaching spring.

Kayaker near Lauttasaari, Helsinki in April

Snorkeling on lake Keitele, July 2011

This was taken on the summer holiday in the central Finland. It was a fun day of water sports and swimming. I like the way water is formed in the front.

Snorkeling on lake Keitele

Just hop over it step by step, February 2011

I liked those big ice boulders on the shore of Helsinki on a sunny winter day. I asked my friend to pose on the cliff opposite the boulders to give some perspective.

Just hop over step by step

Skating on the sea in Helsinki, February 2011

This was taken at 6:30pm in late February. The light was disappearing fast. There was a sense of approaching spring in the air already though it was still possible to go skating on the sea.

Tour skating, Helsinki

Open water in Helsinki, March 2011

In early March the ice was melting fast. At the moment I took this picture towards the sun there were some people still walking on ice to the right corner of the picture.

Open water by Helsinki shore

My top 10 outdoor photos of 2011

Here are my top 10 most viewed flickr outdoors photos of year 2011. All are published and taken in 2011. It seems almost all months are covered, at least all seasons. Thanks for all viewers!

1. Park gym by the sea in Lauttasaari, Helsinki, May 2011

Park gym by the sea on Lauttasaari beach, Helsinki

2. Helsinki shore in January 2011

Helsinki shore

3. Lake Bodom shore in January 2011

Lake Bodom shore

4. Flipper powered vessel in Helsinki, April 2011

Flipper powered fishing vessel in Helsinki

5. Kayaker near Lauttasaari, Helsinki, April 2011

Kayaker near Lauttasaari, Helsinki in April

6. Ruska, autumn colors of Kätkätunturi fell in Lapland, September 2011

Ruska near Kätkätunturi in Lapland

7. Skiing on sea in Helsinki, January 2011

Skiing on sea in Helsinki

8. Lake Saarijärvi near Nuuksio national park in June 2011

Lake Saarijärvi, Espoo

9. Mushroom forest in south-western Finland in October 2011

Mushroom forest in south-western Finland

10. Tour skating track in Ylläsjärvi, Lapland in March 2011

Tour skating track in Ylläsjärvi, Lapland

My top blog posts of 2011

Thanks for all readers/viewers of my blogs in 2011. Here are my the 10 most viewed blog posts published in 2011. It’s interesting that out of 10 posts 7 are about my paddling trips; kayaking or canoeing. Some of the posts are of my trips done before 2011.

1. National parks of Finland for kayaking and canoeing, Jun. 2011

Typical view when paddling in Linnansaari np

A post of how to choose a most suitable national park for paddling, based on experience on the lake areas.

2. Kayaking in Päijänne national park, Feb. 2011

Paddling along Kelvenne island

A post of kayaking trip to lake Päijänne and Kelvenne island.

3. Tour skating tracks in Finland, Jan.2011


I gathered tour skating tracks in Finland in a map and list view and made a short description of each place.

4. Cross country skiing in Pallas-Yllästunturi national park, Lapland, Mar. 2011


A post of cross country skiing in one of the most beautiful national parks of Finland.

5. Kayaking in Kolovesi national park, Jun. 2011

Kolovesi national park - near Ukonvuori hill

A post of kayaking in lake Kolovesi, one of the most popular kayaking national parks.

6. Petkeljärvi national park in eastern Finland – great place for paddling, Apr. 2011

Petkeljärvi national park - view from Korkeasärkkä

A post of paddling and hiking in eastern Finland’s Petkeljärvi national park.

7. The top 5 places outdoors in 2010, Jan. 2011

Riisitunturi National Park

My top 5 places I visited in 2010 outdoors; Riisitunturi national park, Lake Pihlajavesi (Saimaa), kayaking in Helsinki, Vaarunvuori hill in central Finland and shores of Helsinki.

8. Paddling in Linnansaari national park, Aug. 2011

Leaving little islets behind near Vehkaset islands

A post of July kayaking at the lake area of Haukivesi in eastern Finland.

9. Canoeing in Oulanka national park, Apr. 2011

Sandy beaches are easy to land

A post of the canoeing trip to river Oulanka in north-eastern part of Finland.

10. Canoeing in Espoo – a day trip to the gate of Nuuksio national park, Jun. 2011

Break at the transfer point

A post of the canoeing trip to northern parts of Nuuksio and lake Saarijärvi.