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Canoeing in Tiilikkajärvi national park

Tiilikkajärvi national park is located in eastern Finland and has a few kilometers long lake Tiilikka. The lake is suitable for a couple of days easy canoeing. Those who wish to take longer routes and rapids can paddle from lake Tiilikka to lake Älänne via Tiilikkajoki river.

To start your canoe trip you can enter the park either from the south, near Sammakkotammi or from the north, at Pohjoisniemi. Pohjoisniemi is better if arriving time when water level is lower (later in summer), just a short carrying along the duckboards and probably with some not-so-nice mosquitos..

Most of the park is mire, so called aapa bog but the area around the lake is full of fine pine forests and sandy beaches. On the fragile pine ridge area you can land only on spots marked by red arrows on the map and while hiking should stay on the marked paths. By canoe you can reach both ridges dividing the lake. The tips of these ridges don’t meet in the middle of the lake, these a gap of about hundred meters. Both ridges have camping sites on sandy beaches. Motor boats are not allowed on the lake which is great.

There is one interesting historical point, reached only by water in summer, border sign on the rock from year 1595 Täyssinä peace treaty between Sweden and Russia. The park has also a history of log floating, Uiton kämppä used to be a loggers’ cabin and now serves as a rental hut.

Since the lake is quite small even for canoeing you can combine some hiking on the ridges and in the park to your trip. And once you’re on this side of the country I advise to have a look of other great places for paddling nearby, like lake Älänne or lake Pielinen (a bit different challenge, more suitable for kayaking ). There are several river routes with rapids around.

Tiilikkajärvi national park is in the middle of wilderness, the closest grocery shops are in Rautavaara, 15 kilometers from the park. The park is quite remote with some day hikers but enough room for camping, at the busiest season in July there were four tents at Venäjänhiekka site.

Even path leading to Venäjänhiekka tent site
Map on the path between two fire sites, Venäjänhiekka and Uiton kämppä
Lunch table at Venäjänhiekka beach
Venäjänhiekka beach
Beautiful pine forest
Sunset on Venäjänhiekka beach in July
Canoeing along the pine forest ridges
Ants can be quite big but harmless
Encounters with nature - bumblebee trophy
Old pine tree near Uiton kämppä fire site
Best moments of the trip - Finnish crêpes on open fire
Food test on campers
Beach by Karhisalmi in the middle of the lake
Beach by Karhisalmi from another angle
Small wilderness hut at Koseva camping site