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Tour skating track in Moisöfjärden, Espoo

In February 2014 the 5,5 km route in Moisöfjärden, Suvisaaristo is open and in very good condition. Thanks to volunteers who keep it open with their small snow plowers. There is a good parking place near Hanikka beach. From the same place you can go to Hanikka ski tracks.

The route was in very good condition on 2nd of Feb., 2014 when these picture were taken. For more information on the route see pages of Saaristokauppa or pages of Skrinnari.

Check also other longer, maintained routes in Finland, the list and map has nice tracks all over Finland.

The starting point on Hanikka beach. People started their Sunday trip whether they were going to skating, skiing or ice fishing.

Hanikka beach start

Near Soukanniemi

The route goes past Amiraalinsatama harbour. On Sunday there was also a ski track by the skating track.

Route goes past Amiraalinsatama harbour

Nice Sunday morning

The route is about 5.5 km long and goes past beautiful archipelago views with nice old mansions and houses.

Enjoy archipelago views while skating

The condition of ice could not have been better.

Very good ice

The route goes between small islands.

Past tiny islands


September colors in Pirttimäki

Pirttimäki outdoor recreational area is an great outdoors area in Espoo. It has 20 kilometers of marked trails plus numerous smaller paths zigzagging the area. On September weekend there were quite many people, others hiking or cycling, others strolling with their baskets and rubber boots, hunting for mushrooms.

The main paths are quite wide and well marked.

Highway in Pirttimäki

For those planning to visit Sulalampi, this is all there is left of the hut unfortunately.

Sulalampi fire site

No wonder the Hynkänlampi fire site is quite popular.

Almost like in wilderness

It’s Kupilka and cocoa time!

Kupilka time


The trail post to potholes.

Hiidenkirnu - potholes

A pothole near Sorlampi.

Hiidenkirnu - pothole

A path on cliffy side near Bredmalmen.

Path on Bredmalmen cliff terrain

The best trails are the small ones.

Lots of trails in the area

September colors

The protected part of the Pirttimäki area.

Pirttimäki protected area

Do no pass this cafe! A nice place to relax after your hiking day. The cafe is open every day.

Pirttimäki cafe

Kopparnäs recreation area in September

Kopparnäs area is by the sea, about 50 km west from Helsinki. There are a couple of fire sites in the area, a few islands, a protection area for birds and many fine view points to the sea. There are also trails to nearby area of Störsvik.

A fine part of the area is Klobbacka with its great red colored cliffs. There are no marked trails around the area of Klobbacka but the trails are quite visible and the area quite small.

On Klobbacka you can experience existing weather, the point is open to winds and sunshine also.

Interesting detail in the history of the area is that in the 1970s the world’s biggest nuclear power plant was planned in the area. The plan was turned down by the local council by one vote.

Shoreline at Kopparnäs
Medusa (Aurelia aurita)
Autumn has arrived
On the southern point of Klobbacka
The view from Klobbacka cliffs
Still hanging there
The trail goes here
Surface of the cliffs at Klobbacka
The trail to Klobbacka
Hereford cattle on the way to Kopparnäs

See my previous blog post of Störsvik area.

Nuuksio national park from Kattila starting point

Kattila is a popular starting point to Nuuksio national park because it has public transport (bus line 85A) available in summer. If hiking south from Kattila you will reach Haukankierros trail which is quite used by people leaving from the most popularstarting point of Haukkalampi.

Field at Kattila starting point
Path on Haukankierros trail
Terrain on the connecting trail

In early September I walked from Kattila through connecting routes clockwise towards Haukkalampi and then made a visit off the main trails to lake Iso-Holma and its fire sites. The trail to Iso-Holma from the main trail is not marked but is very visible. Iso-Holma northern fire site has a lot of tent places around, I guess it is quite popular with scout and other groups. This time on only two groups of day visitors were around.

Lake Iso-Holma from the northern fire site
Southern fire site on lake Iso-Holma
Lake Iso-Holma
Rock formations

September forest and weekend had attracted quite many people in rubber boots and with their bark baskets searching for mushrooms. For more info about Nuuksio national park, visit here.

September forest
Connecting path to Kattila
Beautiful wide duckboards

Nuuksio national park in March

In March you can visit Nuuksio national park in southern Finland by walking, skiing or snowshoeing. There are no maintained ski tracks but you can ski on lakes if the ice is thick enough. On the marked trails there are usually paths opened by park visitors.

The trail is quite narrow at Siikaranta
Pine trees
Siikaranta - Salmi trail is marked with orange marks
The surface of snow is not frozen enough
Squirrel's work
Lake Pitkäjärvi of Nuuksio
Jäniskallio cliffs of lake Pitkäjärvi - there are rock paintings of elk from the stone age
The shore of lake Pitkäjärvi
Frozen surface - good for skate style skiing

Skiing in Luukki

At the end of February the weather was just perfect for skiing. The sun was shining, it had snowed a little in the previous night and it was just -4C. This time I went to Luukki recreation area, just 20 kilometers north of Helsinki. A nice forest ski track follows the 8,5 km long nature trail, leaving from north of Vihti road, going counterclockwise and coming back past small lakes of Halkolampi and Kaitalampi.

Half of the ski track is one way and not maintained a lot. There are no room for skate style skiers so it is perfect for enjoying the nature, the forest and old style skiing. There are a lot of hills and skiing up and down, trees are close to tracks and speed can get quite fast going down so you must have some basic or moderate skiing technique to enjoy the route.

Along the route there are four fire sites, all of them on the western side of the route; lake Väärälampi, two on lake Halkolampi and on lake Kaitalampi.

There are also two other ski tracks in the area, 3 km field track and 3 km track on the golf course which are two way tracks and well maintained. At the weekend there were a lot of people in the area but most of them seemed to be on the maintained tracks since I spotted only a few people on the forest track.

Cliffs on lake Hauklampi
Ski track is quite natural
Have to apply v-style going up
A view to pond Mustlampi
Near Halkolampi - halfway, came track maintanence
Easy skiing after the ski track machine
By the lake Halkolampi
Sudden breeze blowed snow from the trees
By the golf course track