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Peurunka Rowing Competition

Last weekend I visited Peurunka Rowing Competition (Peurunkasoutu) as a member of the audience and the support team for a couple of my friends who were in the competition. There were separate classes for single rowing, bi-stroke rowing (one pair of oars and a paddle), couple rowing (two pairs of oars), kayaks/canoes and long boats (so called church boats).

The big church boats were going really fast, the teams were practicing for the biggest rowing competition in Finland, Sulkavan Suursoudut in July. The race was 10 km in two loops around lake Peurunka.

Single boat
At the start line
Ready to go
Different categories

Start of the small boats.

Force at the start
Long boat (church boat/kirkkovene)
Professional version
Sliding benches

Long boat winners’ last strokes.

At the finish
We’re finished