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September colors in Pirttimäki

Pirttimäki outdoor recreational area is an great outdoors area in Espoo. It has 20 kilometers of marked trails plus numerous smaller paths zigzagging the area. On September weekend there were quite many people, others hiking or cycling, others strolling with their baskets and rubber boots, hunting for mushrooms.

The main paths are quite wide and well marked.

Highway in Pirttimäki

For those planning to visit Sulalampi, this is all there is left of the hut unfortunately.

Sulalampi fire site

No wonder the Hynkänlampi fire site is quite popular.

Almost like in wilderness

It’s Kupilka and cocoa time!

Kupilka time


The trail post to potholes.

Hiidenkirnu - potholes

A pothole near Sorlampi.

Hiidenkirnu - pothole

A path on cliffy side near Bredmalmen.

Path on Bredmalmen cliff terrain

The best trails are the small ones.

Lots of trails in the area

September colors

The protected part of the Pirttimäki area.

Pirttimäki protected area

Do no pass this cafe! A nice place to relax after your hiking day. The cafe is open every day.

Pirttimäki cafe


Skiing in Pirttimäki, Espoo

I made a ski trip from Oittaa to Pirttimäki and back. The weather was perfect, -5C and sunny. Oittaa was full of people enjoying outdoors. Ski tracks were in fine condition.

From Oittaa or Pirttimäki you can ski to Nuuksio national park at the west. Information of the condition of ski tracks can be found at mski.fi web pages. See also the ski map of Pirttimäki area(pdf).

Getting close to Pirttimäki cafe
There are fire sites by the ponds in the area
There are tracks to Hynkänlampi and Sulalampi ponds
A view to Sorlampi - you have to do some walking of the ski tracks

Moon is appearing at 4:15 pm
Back at Oittaa