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Saivonkierros trail in Ylläs

Saivonkierros is a short trail near Äkäslompolo and Pallas-Ylläs national park leading to ancient sacred place of Sami people of Lapland. In old times not everyone dreaded to enter the area and it was forbidden of women and animals to approach the place. There are info boards along the route explaining old traditions and beliefs.

In early October on a bit wet day it was very peaceful on the trail, no other visitors during the visit. The trail starts by the local road, crosses Äkäsjoki river once, comes to Saivo lake and then returns on the other side of the river to the road. The circle route is only 3 km long but is close to other paths if one wants a longer walk.

Start of the trail
Marked trail with nice and easy terrain
Across Äkäsjoki river
Wet duckboards in early October
Hazel grouse (Tetrastes bonasia) / Pyy
Approaching the dreadful, ancient site of worship
No wonder – it sort of stares at you
The lake nearby has a story of its own
Saivo lake – surrounded by rocky banks
Steps form the lake
Fire site inside and outside at Äkässaivo
Like a clock – after starting the fire siberian jays arrive
Sausages – ryynimakkara for a change

Seita trail in Ylläs – Lapland

Seita trail in Äkäslompolo, Ylläs starts at Kellokas visitor center, one of the centers of Pallas-Yllästunturi national park. See the hiking trail map of Ylläs. The trail is about 9 km long so it is a very nice route for a short day hike.

The trail follows Varkaankuru nature trail for a while past Varkaankuru ravine and then continues round Kellostapuli fell and through Kellostapuli ravine. The first part of the trail follows the stream and goes in the forest on the northern side of Kellostapuli fell. The trail ascents on the fell quite a bit before reaching Kellostapuli ravine up between two fells.

One feisty woman welcomes you at the start of the trail
For nordic walkers
Varkaankuru ravine
Bridges cross the stream in several places
View to Pirunkuru gorge on Kesänki fell
Story boards tell about beliefs of Lapland’s sami people – Kellostapuli at the back

Kellostapuli ravine is mostly covered with duckboards and steps. Here starts the ascent to the ravine.

Start of the boulder field up between the tops of Kellostapuli and Keskinen laki
Little info huts on the trail
The trail in the gorge
After a little hike
Lots of quartzite and mist
Duckboards in the gorge
Limited visibility
More rocks

After the ravine there about 1 km to Varkaankuru lean-to. In early October after the high season of fall visitors it seemed to be very popular, I guess because many day trails go past and it is close to the visitors center.

Siberian jay (perisoreus infaustus) at the lean-to of Varkaankuru

Nature trail in Kivinokka and environmental art

Kivinokka nature trail is wonderful. Spotted with points of attractions of different sort of trees, it is always different depending on the weather, time of the day or year. The trail itself is not very widely known, I wonder why. See here more info (in Finnish only).

Map of Kivinokka
This pine has been here over 260 years

There has been environmental art exhibition on Kivinokka nature trail since 2003. This year it has been on July and August but there were still some parts of it left in September. Yearly exhibition hopefully attracts new people to this trail and helps to protect Kivinokka area from development pressures.

“Nature wins” exhibition starts here
Some willow art
Lantern, part of the art exhibition

The main attraction is nature itself, can’t compete with it.

From the bird tower
Squirrel’s setting
One of the old ones, now on the ground

Sorlampi nature trail in Espoo

Sorlampi nature trail in Espoo is about 5,5 kilometers long. Good place to start is the parking place of Nuuksionmaja if arriving by your car. The circle trail starts from the local road nearby. I walked past lake Hakjärvi and started my walk near the lake and walked the trail counterwise.

The trail goes partly in the protected area and past lake Sorlampi. It is close to Nuuksio national park and offers partly similar terrain and nature and seemed to be more peaceful at October weekend than Nuuksio np. The few people seen were cross country runners and mushroom pickers. If looking for longer trails you can easily reach Pirttimäki or Karjakaivo recreation areas.

Local road from Nuuksio hut to Sorlampi nature trail
Cliffs near Hakjärvimossen
Edible "koivunkantosieni" or poisonous "myrkkynääpikkä"?
Nature trail is marked with green lines
Piispanhiippa ("bishop's hat")
It's these people are after - suppilovahvero, funnel chanterelle
Trail leading to lake Sorlampi
Some muddy parts of the trail
Up on the hill is a cave - Hiidenpesä
The entrance to the cave is behind the tree
Not for claustrophobic
There's a window at the top of the cave
Jabba the Hutt of the cave
Trail map is needed if wandering off trails
Sorlampi fire site near the lake - less people than nearby Nuuksio np
Harmless grass snake (natrix natrix) sunbathing near the fire site
View to lake Sorlampi
One foot duckboards
Pikku (Little) Sorlampi
Duckboards - really appreciated
Leaving hazel tree grove behind
Pine forest at the end of the nature trail

Nature trail in Mussalo, Kotka

Last weekend I visited a short nature trail in Kotka, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. The trail is marked with white markers and has poles showing some notable spots. The other trail goes in the forest, both are 2,5 kilometers long.

The open sea starts from Mussalo and in the south in about 100 kilometers is Estonian shore. It is said that on a clear day you can see all the way to Haapasaari island that belongs to Russia.

Wooden duckboards
Moss growing inside fallen old log called "kelo"
Lightly harvested spruce forest
The blueberry was already in flower
View from the trail to the Gulf of Finland
Cliffs along the trail
Huge bolders
Some new and old woodpecker holes
Seashore used to be here after ice age - now in the middle of the forest
Quite a big beacon
Changing rooms on the Santalahti beach nearby