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Trailbiking around Melkuttimet

Clear waters

The Melkuttimet area in southern Finland is known by trail bikers as a nice place for a day ride, about an hour drive from Helsinki. It is a small area of clear waters of Lake Iso-Melkutin and beautiful pine forests close to the aviation center of Räyskälä. There is a connecting road to Poronpolku Trail which can be combined to your trip.

Around Melkuttimet

The trails of Melkuttimet are connected to larger Ilvesreitti Trail network offering total 200km of trails.

Up that hill

The trails are fairly easy and nice, some more technical paths are on the southern shore of lake Iso-Melkutin.

Some of the best parts of Iso Melkutin

Maybe the most popular photo shoot place is located on the ridge of Tokholmannokka.

Towing glider airplanes

The take-off of glider planes from nearby Räyskälä aviation center brings a touch of urban feeling with some occasional noise also.

Across the stream between Vähä-Melkutin and Iso-Melkutin

Crossing the small stream between lakes Vähä-Melkutin and Iso-Melkutin.

Nice forest roads near Saarijärvi

Easey and nice forest roads near lake Saarijärvi.

Northern shore of Iso-Melkutin

Northern shore of lake Iso-Melkutin offers a nice path close to the lake, passing a popular place for divers to enjoy clear waters of Iso-Melkutin.

Wider trails on the northern shore


Mountain biking in Syöte trails

End of July is excellent time for mountain biking in Finland. We did
two day tours in Syöte trails. First on Syötteen kierros (Syöte
circular trail) around fell Iso-Syöte followed by Pitämävaaran lenkki
(Pitämävaara trail) around fell Pikku-Syöte. The trails are clearly
marked with pink color and additional sign posts at crossroads.

We recommend starting the Syöte trail at Syöte Visitor Centre and
cycling direction counterclockwise. The trail is 17 km long and
suitable for bikers with some mountain biking experience – most of the
trail is smooth single trail with only a few rocky spots, steep
descends/ascends and duckboards across wetland areas. Start of the
route and end of the route is gravel hiking trail. Select this route
should you only have one day to spend biking.

Flowing single trail on Syöte trail

Flowing single trail on Syöte trail

Scenic views from Pytkynharju ridge at sunset

Scenic views from Pytkynharju ridge at sunset

Duckboards along the route

Duckboards along the route

We recommend starting the Pitämävaara trail at Iso-Syöte Booking
Centre near Safari house and definitely cycling the route clockwise.
Pay attention where the trail starts towards Pikku-Syöte. Be advised
that route requires moderate mountain biking skills due to more
difficult terrain and longer climbs. The start of the route might not
be that gratifying but it gets substantially better near Lake
Kovalampi. After that it’s mostly single trail with extended climb to
top of the fell Pitämävaara. This year the wetland areas were really
wet but mostly covered with duckboards. Your feet might get wet

Routes were clearly marked with signposts

Routes were clearly marked with signposts

Broader trail before fell Pitämävaara

Broader trail before fell Pitämävaara

Winding trail to top

Winding trail to top

Without duckboards you would be in trouble

Without duckboards you would be in trouble

Biking is well supported in local hotel with guided tours and bike
rentals (even fat bikes).

Guest post by Team ankle, https://twitter.com/_ankle

Trail cycling in Kylmäluoma hiking area

Kylmäluoma hiking area in the northeastern Finland has very interesting trails for cyclists. You can either follow single tracks along lakes and ponds or take an easier path on snowmobile tracks. There is a longer marked route for cyclists between Kylmäluoma center and Taivalkoski but you can reach great trails starting from Kylmäluoma camping ground.

Kylmäluoma has got about 90 lakes and ponds and is very popular among fishermen. Kylmäluoma camping ground has got good facilities in the middle of pine wood forest and ridges. It’s a good starting point for day rides. The area is full of fire sites by the lakes and ponds.

Kylmäluoma pine ridge

Along the trails there are occasional bog areas. In the autumn the colors are spectacular.

Bog area

If you ride during blueberry time, you can get delicious supplements for your ride snack.

Blueberries by the trail

Single tracks along the lakes are sometimes this easy, followed by rockier parts and lots of tree roots on the trail.

Trail by the Lake Kylmäluoma

If you go further from the camping ground more peaceful places are to be found. This one by lake Kylmäluoma with no other visitors.

Fireplace by the lake Kylmäluoma

It is a reindeer area so you will see a few reindeer by the trails. They usually yield after a moment of curiosity and staring.

Reindeer area

There are trails to nearby areas, used by snowmobiles in winter time. The trails go even to Hossa hiking area, about 55 kilometers away, which is another area for trail biking.

Trails to nearby areas

Near Kylmäluoma camping ground, there are a lot of ponds for fishermen with kilometers of duckboards.

Fishing ponds in Kylmäluoma