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Kayaking on lake Saimaa

In early July I went to the kayaking trip to lake Saimaa. Saimaa is a large lake area in eastern Finland with a lot of connected lakes.

The weather was a mixture of strong winds, sunshine, rain but not particularly warm. We started and ended our trip from the harbor of Anttola village. Paddled through lake Luonteri to waters near Puumala village, to the south near waters of larger Saimaa and then back north the other way to lake Luonteri.

The route went through partly quite sheltered waters and partly across wide, open waters. Saw a couple of canoes also, but a kayak is really a more suitable boat to those waters. There are quite many boat harbors on islands and even some places to add your drinking water supplies.

Such a nice kayaking trip with occasional gourmet cooking. Certainly a place to explore more.

On lake Luonteri
Typical shores of lake Luonteri
The home of Saimaa ringed seal
Islands are inhabited by seagulls with youngsters
A view from Rokansaari island
Campfire place of Rokansaari island
Sauna of Rokansaari island
Inland of Rokansaari island
Rafts of timber still transferred
Farm museum of Liehtalanniemi
Some one had launched a fine bark boat
Mexican cooking
A view from the tent in Laajahiekka beach
Greater Saimaa
Under the bridge limbo style
Relaxing limbo style
Early evening
The best possible pizza camp style
Late evening
Back in the harbor of Anttola