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Cross country skiing in Pallastunturi, Lapland

One of the most beautiful places to go cross country skiing in Finland is in Pallastunturi, western part of Lapland. Pallastunturi fell is part of Pallas-Yllästunturi national park. Around Pallastunturi you can find both fell ski trails on treeless area, off-trails for telemarking and nice well maintained ski tracks in forests.

Pallastunturi is not as crowded as many other ski resorts in Lapland are. There is even a small fell hotel amidst the national park, Hotel Pallas, the first fell hotel in Finland, built in 1948. It is a great place to start your day trips to the fells. The best time to visit Pallastunturi for skiing is from February to April.

Ski trails below tree line are well kept and marked. Most tracks on the fell area are maintained also during the season but due to quickly changing weather, wind and snow, some trails are marked only with trail crosses. It is advised to go to the fell area in a company and a map.

For adventurous spirits one exciting route goes from Pallas hotel to the fell near Taivaskero, following the hiking trail. Up on the fell you get great view to the north-western part of the fells. Follow the hiking trail and if snow carries you get the greatest ride beside and down the fells to Rihmakuru Ravine camping shelter.

Skiing to Rihmakuru Ravine in Pallastunturi
Skiing to Rihmakuru Ravine in Pallastunturi

From Rihmakuru follow the trail to Nammalakuru where you can enjoy coffee and “munkki” at the hut cafe (open only at ski season)(UPDATE: closed in 2013). From Nammalakuru there is the maintained track back to the hotel following the western side of Pallastunturi fell.