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Kopparnäs recreation area in September

Kopparnäs area is by the sea, about 50 km west from Helsinki. There are a couple of fire sites in the area, a few islands, a protection area for birds and many fine view points to the sea. There are also trails to nearby area of Störsvik.

A fine part of the area is Klobbacka with its great red colored cliffs. There are no marked trails around the area of Klobbacka but the trails are quite visible and the area quite small.

On Klobbacka you can experience existing weather, the point is open to winds and sunshine also.

Interesting detail in the history of the area is that in the 1970s the world’s biggest nuclear power plant was planned in the area. The plan was turned down by the local council by one vote.

Shoreline at Kopparnäs
Medusa (Aurelia aurita)
Autumn has arrived
On the southern point of Klobbacka
The view from Klobbacka cliffs
Still hanging there
The trail goes here
Surface of the cliffs at Klobbacka
The trail to Klobbacka
Hereford cattle on the way to Kopparnäs

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