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Nature trail in Kivinokka and environmental art

Kivinokka nature trail is wonderful. Spotted with points of attractions of different sort of trees, it is always different depending on the weather, time of the day or year. The trail itself is not very widely known, I wonder why. See here more info (in Finnish only).

Map of Kivinokka
This pine has been here over 260 years

There has been environmental art exhibition on Kivinokka nature trail since 2003. This year it has been on July and August but there were still some parts of it left in September. Yearly exhibition hopefully attracts new people to this trail and helps to protect Kivinokka area from development pressures.

“Nature wins” exhibition starts here
Some willow art
Lantern, part of the art exhibition

The main attraction is nature itself, can’t compete with it.

From the bird tower
Squirrel’s setting
One of the old ones, now on the ground

Kivinokka in April

Kivinokka recreation area will soon start its summer season. In mid April there are a few spots of snow. Tiny summer houses of hundreds are scattered in the small area. Hopefully the area will stay the same despite the city’s development plans this year.

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Matching colors
Lots of snow at the sports field
Cultures crossing
Starting point
First crocuses
So far away

Kivinokka recreation area in November

Kivinokka area in Helsinki is very versatile. It has nice walking paths, two beaches, pretty little cottages, a small boat harbor, Herttoniemi garden area with small cottages on tiny lots, a 19th century Kulosaari mansion, a nice summer cafe, a nature trail. In November it is quiet, most people have close their cottages for winter.

See my other post of Kivinokka in the spring time.

Tiny cottages are scattered around
A view from bird watcher's tower to Viikki Study and Research Farm

Green in November
Fallen logs

Autumn forest
Advice to nature walkers, Kulosaari mansion at the background
Old stone fence near Kulosaari mansion
Oak road to Kulosaari mansion
Kulosaari mansion is near the small boat harbor and Herttoniemi garden area
Matching colors of Kulosaari mansion

Walks in Kivinokka recreation area, Helsinki

Kivinokka recreation area is a few kilometers away from Helsinki city center. It is surrounded by the sea bay of Vanhankaupunginselkä and has fine untouched piece of forest, nature trail, bird watching tower, hundreds of tiny summer cottages and beaches. There are even important geologic potholes (hiidenkirnu) hidden in the forest.

Kivinokka has a long and rich history. Helsinki residents can enjoy their summer huts arriving laid back way by bikes. In summer there is a nice cafe with art around and varying domestic animals nearby (one year goats, this year is to be seen). The nature trail is specially designed for the disabled and visually impaired.

See more info of Kivinokka in Finnish.

Nature trail in Kivinokka
Benches for everyone
Nature trail signs designed for visually impaired
Nature trail leads to bird watching tower
View from bird watching tower at the end of the nature trail
View from bird watching tower to Vanhankaupunginlahti bay
Outdoors art exhibition by Maija's summer cafe
Wooden art - bench by Maija's summer cafe
Tip of the peninsula
Small cottagers by the sea in Kivinokka
Crocus popping up in April