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Aakenustunturi fell day hike, Lapland

Aakenustunturi fell is in western Lapland, between villages Kittilä and Äkäslompolo, in Pallas-Yllästunturi national park. It has several tops and its shape is quite curved, like a kidney.

I made a day hike in mid September starting from lake Pyhäjärvi at the foot of the fell. There is a lean-to and laplander’s hut, kota in Finnish at the northern point of the lake. Following the trail to the top of the fell there is a new laplander’s hut, Vareskota beside the lake and at the southern end of the lake a wilderness hut and two lean-to’s. Another popular starting point is Totovaara parking place south of Aakenus fell.

The weather was after four days of mist and rain better and all surrounding fells were quite well visible. The route from lake Pyhäjärvi is varied from forest trails to quite rocky paths at times where you should really watch your step. I hiked to the first top and back. You can hike to the top and along the ridge of Aakenus to the other point of the fell and then come back by trails at the foot of the fell. That would make a good over 25 kilometers long route which is better done in two days because of quite demanding terrain.

Trail leading to Aakenus fell along lake Pyhäjärvi - ant nest masqueraded
Old logs lying near lake Pyhäjärvi
Lainiotunturi fell and lake Pyhäjärvi
A lean-to at the northern end of lake Pyhäjärvi
Yllästunturi fell at the distance
Sun finally showed after a few days long mist and rain
Mushrooms are taking over
Wilderness hut on the shore of lake Pyhäjärvi
Trail crossing - to the top or along the fell
The fell trail before the tree line
Closer to the top - trail goes right here
A view from Aakenus to Yllästunturi fell
Boulder field to cross
Trail up on the fell just after tree line
Trail/ski track to the top is marked with poles
Easier terrain to walk near top of the fell
Kätkätunturi fell in north-east seen from Aakenus
Lainiotunturi fell looming in west
Rock stars
Pallastunturi fell in north
Alpine bearberry in autumn color
Southern end of kidney-shaped Aakenus fell
Another boulder field
The ridge of Aakenus is over 8 kilometers long
Alpine bearberry
Southern end of Aakenus fell and Yllästunturi fell at the back
Ridge of Aakenus fell seen from Levitunturi fell

Kätkätunturi fell in Kittilä, Lapland

Kätkätunturi fell is in Kittilä, close to Levi resort. I made a day hike to the top last week in mid September. The weather was a bit rainy and moist and visibility only a few tens of meters. There were no views from the top but mist brought colors and landscape out in quite a fine way.

Autumn colors on trees were almost gone already but colors on the ground were not still in full bloom. The yearly “ruska” autumn colors season was going on, there were quite many people on trails and at the fire site on the top. Quite many hikers were using nordic walking poles which come very handy especially on the steep ascend from the top.

There are many trails around and to the top of the fell. Some of the trails are suitable for biking. You can hike or bike from Kätkä fell to other fells nearby, or to Pallas-Yllästunturi national park which is about 10 kilometers away.

Northern crossroad - 3,8 km to the peak of Kätkätunturi fell
Ascending rocky path to Kätkätunturi fell
Bolder field on the northern slope of Kätkätunturi fell
Getting higher - still mist, no views
Birches are getting slimmer near the peak and have lost most of their leaves already
Colors on the ground (maaruska) are getting stronger
Juniper bushes of Lapland
Mist gives a different view to the landscape
The top of the fell looming
Three shelters that way
Top rocks at 504 meters
The shelter near the top - have to imagine the views
The brightest is Alpine Bearberry (Arctostaphylos alpina), riekonmarja in Finnish
Descending 1 km and over 280 meters in elevation by a black route
Nordic walking pole and an unusual birch
Kätkä's top not visible but autumn colors enhanced by moisture
Kätkä fell seen from Levi fell a couple days later