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Autumn in Helsinki

Golden maple


Autumn this year has been extraordinary colorful in Helsinki. The “ruska”, has been great. I gathered a few pictures of my day trips across Helsinki region.

A view  from Kaivopuisto to the sea

A view from Kaivopuisto to the sea.

Kayaking in October

Warm enough to go kayaking on the sea.

Migrating birds

Migrating birds, going south.

Lauttasaari shoreline

Lots of birders on the shoreline, looking at the other high season of the migration.

Dusk in Lauttasaari

Dusk in Lauttasaari.

Kulosaari mansion

Kulosaari mansion.

Biking in October

Great biking in autumn weather.

Autumn colors


November winds in Helsinki

Kiteboarders on Kasinonranta beach in Helsinki

The first part of November has been unusually warm, still quite a while to skiing weather in southern Finland. Water sports fans can enjoy their favourite element in pretty strong November winds.

Kayakers beside Länsiulapanniemi in Lauttasaari island

At the western side of Lauttasaari lies Länsiulapanniemi area filled with small summer huts. The area has paths by the seashore and great views to the sea and nearby islands.

Old tree of Länsiulapanniemi
Cliffs of Länsiulapanniemi with old “kelo” trees – in Helsinki
Summer huts are closed for the winter
“Fun cousins” hut – cheerful colours

Nature trail in Kivinokka and environmental art

Kivinokka nature trail is wonderful. Spotted with points of attractions of different sort of trees, it is always different depending on the weather, time of the day or year. The trail itself is not very widely known, I wonder why. See here more info (in Finnish only).

Map of Kivinokka
This pine has been here over 260 years

There has been environmental art exhibition on Kivinokka nature trail since 2003. This year it has been on July and August but there were still some parts of it left in September. Yearly exhibition hopefully attracts new people to this trail and helps to protect Kivinokka area from development pressures.

“Nature wins” exhibition starts here
Some willow art
Lantern, part of the art exhibition

The main attraction is nature itself, can’t compete with it.

From the bird tower
Squirrel’s setting
One of the old ones, now on the ground

Kayaking and polo

Last weekend I was kayking by the shores of Helsinki and happended to spot a kayak polo tournament by the local kayak club of Merimelojat (Seakayakers). Watching the game outside the pitch from my kayak was fun. Though I did not learn all the detailed rules of the game, I noticed that they have two referees and they give penalties. Later I learned that “A player in possession of the ball can be hand tackled by being pushed over on the shoulder or back”.

Kayak polo game seemed to be a very fast team sport where you need to know how to do eskimo rolls, throw and catch the ball and paddle well.

He has it!
Great defence
What a hassle

Helsinki shoreline in June

After Midsummer celebration part of citizens of Helsinki leave their town for summer holidays. While flocks of tourists form cruise ships are circulating around the center of town, there are plenty of room and peaceful shores to go for a nice, slow stroll. Well, there is plenty of room even when natives are around.

After a nice summer rain the shoreline is beautiful, showing enhanced colors of rocks and greenery. These pictures were taken one day in the morning after light rain shower just a couple of kilometers from the center of Helsinki.

Rocky way to island Sisä-Hattu
After rain


Wild chives / Ruoholaukka (Allium schoenoprasum)
Still learning

Preparing for the kayaking season

Made a quick visit to opening of the kayaking season in Vuosaari Paddling Center, Helsinki last weekend. Lots of kayaks for testing and rescue demos for the audience.

The introduced stand up paddling was funny looking activity, I wonder where in Finland there would be suitable surfs for it. Later there were a kayaking trip organized to collect garbage and clean nearby islands, what a nice idea.

Sunny day at the beach
Rescue techniques
Stand-up paddling
Just a few of the test kayaks