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A walk in the northern part of Helsinki central park

I made a short walk in the northern part of Helsinki central park near Pitkäkoski rapids and Haltiala area in late November. The green belt of central park of Helsinki starts in the center of Helsinki ends in the north to Vantaa river. In the north lies Haltiala recreation area with many paths for walking and cycling and in winter for skiing. There is even an protected area and three nature trails (see pdf in Finnish) in Haltiala.

All this lies 10 km from the city centre. The last Saturday of November was sunny and unusually warm for the season. The trip was good to end to the Hiking Cafe at Pitkäkoski.

Pitkäkoski rapids behind traditional Finnish fence
Pitkäkoski rapids are quite tame in late November
Trail by the river
Picnic place by the field
Elk feeding place
Elk meeting point in Helsinki
Minerals for elk - salt pole
Haltiala protected area
Duckboards in Haltiala protected area
Looks like in Nuuksio national park
Quite peaceful
Beautiful traditional Finnish fence - quite rare nowadays
Pitkäkoski cafe hut - freshly baked blueberry doughnuts (munkki)