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Fishing from the kayak

Fishing from a kayak can be fun even for a casual angler. I was a fellow kayaker when a brown trout got caught by trolling on lake Haukivesi.

Trying to get the fish out of water is not the easiest part, especially if you have an average kayak, not one designed for fishing. The front hatch was used to transfer the fish to the shore because we were close to it.

Can’t really use this storing technique if angling alone

When you are not angling but paddling, you should fasten your equipment well to your kayak. Under one strap on the deck is not enough while one is busy doing something else like trying to reach chanterelles from the shore without having to leave your boat.

The rod just after being rescued from the bottom of the lake

Another angle to fishing is trying to catch fish with your camera. While I was close to the shore, I noticed this curious perch swimming under my kayak. I put my camera on a monopod and into the water and tried to catch him swimming. How elegant moves.


Ice fishing Finnish style

“The sport of fishing through a hole cut in the ice” is popular pastime in Finland. In Finland you sit by the hole on a stool, not in a heated cabin. Some people take ice fishing seriously and go to competitions, others like me enjoy the meditation side of ice fishing. For me the most important elements of ice fishing are sunshine, good picnic supplies “eväät”, fresh air and spacious views on a lake or sea.

What you need to go ice fishing?

  • Fishing equipment; fishing rod, ice auger, lures or jigs, some baits
  • Warm clothing and boots; some use “pilkkihaalari” warm overalls that protects your back from wind
  • Stool; preferably with back, sometimes combined to backpack
  • Good picnic supplies; warm drink in a thermos can (I prefer blackcurrant juice or hot chocolate), sandwiches, chocolate, biscuits
  • Good company
  • Sunglasses
  • Sled or “pulkka” to carry all stuff to ice
Drilling with ice auger
Getting rid of excess ice with a ice scoop
Styles of ice fishing vary
Waiting patiently and staring your ice fishing rod
View from the ice fishing site, sunshine!
Different kind of ice fishing stools
Essentials: warm drink and ice auger
When you had enough of ice fishing

No photos of fish? No catch this time either. After all, it is not the catch but other things that matter in the “sport” of ice fishing.