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Kayaking with a dog

To go kayaking with a dog one needs a well behaving dog, an experienced paddler, a stable kayak and good training food for a dog! My friend’s dog Venni tried kayaking for the first time in July. Though he is an experienced canoe dog, the first encounter with the kayak’s back hatch was done with a help of salami.

Though he is a calm dog and can swim pretty well, a calm and warm day was selected for his first trip and he wore a life jacket with a handle at the back. The trip close to the shore lasted only about 10 minutes in case he did not like the idea of kayaking at all. But no worry, this miniature schnauzer was relaxed in a minute.

It is to be seen if he is to join longer kayaking trips later.

“Just checking the shore’s at the back”
Taste of salami still in my mouth
Like the scenery at the back
I’m all relaxed now
Fun, eh?
Look at me!
More speed please
Survived the test ride