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Trail cycling in Kylmäluoma hiking area

Kylmäluoma hiking area in the northeastern Finland has very interesting trails for cyclists. You can either follow single tracks along lakes and ponds or take an easier path on snowmobile tracks. There is a longer marked route for cyclists between Kylmäluoma center and Taivalkoski but you can reach great trails starting from Kylmäluoma camping ground.

Kylmäluoma has got about 90 lakes and ponds and is very popular among fishermen. Kylmäluoma camping ground has got good facilities in the middle of pine wood forest and ridges. It’s a good starting point for day rides. The area is full of fire sites by the lakes and ponds.

Kylmäluoma pine ridge

Along the trails there are occasional bog areas. In the autumn the colors are spectacular.

Bog area

If you ride during blueberry time, you can get delicious supplements for your ride snack.

Blueberries by the trail

Single tracks along the lakes are sometimes this easy, followed by rockier parts and lots of tree roots on the trail.

Trail by the Lake Kylmäluoma

If you go further from the camping ground more peaceful places are to be found. This one by lake Kylmäluoma with no other visitors.

Fireplace by the lake Kylmäluoma

It is a reindeer area so you will see a few reindeer by the trails. They usually yield after a moment of curiosity and staring.

Reindeer area

There are trails to nearby areas, used by snowmobiles in winter time. The trails go even to Hossa hiking area, about 55 kilometers away, which is another area for trail biking.

Trails to nearby areas

Near Kylmäluoma camping ground, there are a lot of ponds for fishermen with kilometers of duckboards.

Fishing ponds in Kylmäluoma