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Liminganlahti birdwatcher’s bay

Liminganlahti nature center is in northern Finland near the city of Oulu. In mid September I passed by the area so decided to have a stop to see if cranes migration was still going on. I found out that the main migration of cranes to the south had happened the day before. The crane (grus grus), kurki in Finnish is the biggest bird of Finland. Cranes’ plough formed flocks on the sky and their loud voices is always an event to worth observing.

I did not see many birds on my stop but I was lucky to see a White-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla), merikotka in Finnish flying in the distance. The bay areas around Oulu are popular spots for birdwatching, there are many observer decks and towers in the area. The most popular time is in spring when flocks of different birds migrate to Finland and have a stop-over at nearby bays.

Path leading to the observer hut by the sea
A view from the observer hut to the sea
A view to the bay
The observer hut offers shelter from wind and is quite big with opening windows to three sides
Nearby cows for observation
Wooden deck from the observer hut
On the other side there is a observer tower
Reeds at early evening sun
The only bird caught in picture - curious young Pied Wagtail (motacilla alba), västäräkki in Finnish
Nature Center was closed and under repair