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Autumn in Helsinki

Golden maple


Autumn this year has been extraordinary colorful in Helsinki. The “ruska”, has been great. I gathered a few pictures of my day trips across Helsinki region.

A view  from Kaivopuisto to the sea

A view from Kaivopuisto to the sea.

Kayaking in October

Warm enough to go kayaking on the sea.

Migrating birds

Migrating birds, going south.

Lauttasaari shoreline

Lots of birders on the shoreline, looking at the other high season of the migration.

Dusk in Lauttasaari

Dusk in Lauttasaari.

Kulosaari mansion

Kulosaari mansion.

Biking in October

Great biking in autumn weather.

Autumn colors


September colors in Pirttimäki

Pirttimäki outdoor recreational area is an great outdoors area in Espoo. It has 20 kilometers of marked trails plus numerous smaller paths zigzagging the area. On September weekend there were quite many people, others hiking or cycling, others strolling with their baskets and rubber boots, hunting for mushrooms.

The main paths are quite wide and well marked.

Highway in Pirttimäki

For those planning to visit Sulalampi, this is all there is left of the hut unfortunately.

Sulalampi fire site

No wonder the Hynkänlampi fire site is quite popular.

Almost like in wilderness

It’s Kupilka and cocoa time!

Kupilka time


The trail post to potholes.

Hiidenkirnu - potholes

A pothole near Sorlampi.

Hiidenkirnu - pothole

A path on cliffy side near Bredmalmen.

Path on Bredmalmen cliff terrain

The best trails are the small ones.

Lots of trails in the area

September colors

The protected part of the Pirttimäki area.

Pirttimäki protected area

Do no pass this cafe! A nice place to relax after your hiking day. The cafe is open every day.

Pirttimäki cafe

The Prey Trail in Ylläs

Prey trail sign

The Prey Trail is a short nature trail in Lapland, and it goes along the fell side of Yllästunturi. Iso-Ylläs is the best place to start for this easy 5 km trail, called Saalistusjotos in Finnish. There is Kahvikeitaan laavu, a lean-to shelter on the way up and after that you will enter the Pallas-Yllästunturi national park for a while.

Autumn colors

Prey trail in the forest

Part of the trail goes in the forest across little streams.

Little streams along the trail

Ascending terrain

Ascending terrain and leaving the forest behind..

Up the ravine

Into the ravine..

Sign post

A view to the fell

A view to the fell.

A viewpoint bench

A viewpoint to the east.

A view to the east

Mire and Aakenus fell on the background.

Rock plates

A closer look at rock plates.

Rock slope

Vast areas of the fell side.

Fell side

Passing reindeer

Passing reindeer at a suitable distance.

Autumn colored rowan (pihlaja)

Overall, these trails around Ylläs fells are very nice for short half day hikes. Of the many circle trails you can combine longer ones or go across the fells.

Saivonkierros trail in Ylläs

Saivonkierros is a short trail near Äkäslompolo and Pallas-Ylläs national park leading to ancient sacred place of Sami people of Lapland. In old times not everyone dreaded to enter the area and it was forbidden of women and animals to approach the place. There are info boards along the route explaining old traditions and beliefs.

In early October on a bit wet day it was very peaceful on the trail, no other visitors during the visit. The trail starts by the local road, crosses Äkäsjoki river once, comes to Saivo lake and then returns on the other side of the river to the road. The circle route is only 3 km long but is close to other paths if one wants a longer walk.

Start of the trail
Marked trail with nice and easy terrain
Across Äkäsjoki river
Wet duckboards in early October
Hazel grouse (Tetrastes bonasia) / Pyy
Approaching the dreadful, ancient site of worship
No wonder – it sort of stares at you
The lake nearby has a story of its own
Saivo lake – surrounded by rocky banks
Steps form the lake
Fire site inside and outside at Äkässaivo
Like a clock – after starting the fire siberian jays arrive
Sausages – ryynimakkara for a change

Seita trail in Ylläs – Lapland

Seita trail in Äkäslompolo, Ylläs starts at Kellokas visitor center, one of the centers of Pallas-Yllästunturi national park. See the hiking trail map of Ylläs. The trail is about 9 km long so it is a very nice route for a short day hike.

The trail follows Varkaankuru nature trail for a while past Varkaankuru ravine and then continues round Kellostapuli fell and through Kellostapuli ravine. The first part of the trail follows the stream and goes in the forest on the northern side of Kellostapuli fell. The trail ascents on the fell quite a bit before reaching Kellostapuli ravine up between two fells.

One feisty woman welcomes you at the start of the trail
For nordic walkers
Varkaankuru ravine
Bridges cross the stream in several places
View to Pirunkuru gorge on Kesänki fell
Story boards tell about beliefs of Lapland’s sami people – Kellostapuli at the back

Kellostapuli ravine is mostly covered with duckboards and steps. Here starts the ascent to the ravine.

Start of the boulder field up between the tops of Kellostapuli and Keskinen laki
Little info huts on the trail
The trail in the gorge
After a little hike
Lots of quartzite and mist
Duckboards in the gorge
Limited visibility
More rocks

After the ravine there about 1 km to Varkaankuru lean-to. In early October after the high season of fall visitors it seemed to be very popular, I guess because many day trails go past and it is close to the visitors center.

Siberian jay (perisoreus infaustus) at the lean-to of Varkaankuru

Kopparnäs recreation area in September

Kopparnäs area is by the sea, about 50 km west from Helsinki. There are a couple of fire sites in the area, a few islands, a protection area for birds and many fine view points to the sea. There are also trails to nearby area of Störsvik.

A fine part of the area is Klobbacka with its great red colored cliffs. There are no marked trails around the area of Klobbacka but the trails are quite visible and the area quite small.

On Klobbacka you can experience existing weather, the point is open to winds and sunshine also.

Interesting detail in the history of the area is that in the 1970s the world’s biggest nuclear power plant was planned in the area. The plan was turned down by the local council by one vote.

Shoreline at Kopparnäs
Medusa (Aurelia aurita)
Autumn has arrived
On the southern point of Klobbacka
The view from Klobbacka cliffs
Still hanging there
The trail goes here
Surface of the cliffs at Klobbacka
The trail to Klobbacka
Hereford cattle on the way to Kopparnäs

See my previous blog post of Störsvik area.

Nuuksio national park from Kattila starting point

Kattila is a popular starting point to Nuuksio national park because it has public transport (bus line 85A) available in summer. If hiking south from Kattila you will reach Haukankierros trail which is quite used by people leaving from the most popularstarting point of Haukkalampi.

Field at Kattila starting point
Path on Haukankierros trail
Terrain on the connecting trail

In early September I walked from Kattila through connecting routes clockwise towards Haukkalampi and then made a visit off the main trails to lake Iso-Holma and its fire sites. The trail to Iso-Holma from the main trail is not marked but is very visible. Iso-Holma northern fire site has a lot of tent places around, I guess it is quite popular with scout and other groups. This time on only two groups of day visitors were around.

Lake Iso-Holma from the northern fire site
Southern fire site on lake Iso-Holma
Lake Iso-Holma
Rock formations

September forest and weekend had attracted quite many people in rubber boots and with their bark baskets searching for mushrooms. For more info about Nuuksio national park, visit here.

September forest
Connecting path to Kattila
Beautiful wide duckboards