Clear waters

Trailbiking around Melkuttimet

Clear waters

The Melkuttimet area in southern Finland is known by trail bikers as a nice place for a day ride, about an hour drive from Helsinki. It is a small area of clear waters of Lake Iso-Melkutin and beautiful pine forests close to the aviation center of Räyskälä. There is a connecting road to Poronpolku Trail which can be combined to your trip.

Around Melkuttimet

The trails of Melkuttimet are connected to larger Ilvesreitti Trail network offering total 200km of trails.

Up that hill

The trails are fairly easy and nice, some more technical paths are on the southern shore of lake Iso-Melkutin.

Some of the best parts of Iso Melkutin

Maybe the most popular photo shoot place is located on the ridge of Tokholmannokka.

Towing glider airplanes

The take-off of glider planes from nearby Räyskälä aviation center brings a touch of urban feeling with some occasional noise also.

Across the stream between Vähä-Melkutin and Iso-Melkutin

Crossing the small stream between lakes Vähä-Melkutin and Iso-Melkutin.

Nice forest roads near Saarijärvi

Easey and nice forest roads near lake Saarijärvi.

Northern shore of Iso-Melkutin

Northern shore of lake Iso-Melkutin offers a nice path close to the lake, passing a popular place for divers to enjoy clear waters of Iso-Melkutin.

Wider trails on the northern shore


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