The start of the trail

A short bicycle ride and Finnish summer weather

The online map of Kansalaisen Karttapaikka is a fine place to study new bike routes while visiting areas not so familiar. I went for a early evening xc biking ride in the deep Eastern Finland. The trail chosen seemed to follow the lake past fields and looked like a trail farmers use when moving from one field to another.

The start looked very nice. Wide, forest road along the pine forest, nice.

The start of the trail

Soon the trail turned to a path following the field, beautiful harebells on the trail.

By the field

Turned into a quite wide weed-covered path following the lake.

Country side trail

The terrain looked just like a perfect place to find… Yes, a cyclist can not resist the call of the chanterelles.

Cyclist gone after chanterelles

The route took back along a very typical gravel road in the Finnish country side.

Gravel road

Of course it would not be a perfect Finnish summer day without a few drops of sudden rain. Meaning it was pouring rain which did not stop until next morning.

Pouring rain


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