Brimstone - sitruunaperhonen

July neighbors

A lively brimstone caught my eye one early afternoon by the lake. This quick flier took me some time to get a decent picture of it. Encouraged by this I went for a walk to see some other neighbors of the summer cottage. I did not have to go far, just 50 meters along the cottage road where I found a lot of them. Because of the sunny day the busy coexistence of the neighborhood showed at its best.

Brimstone – sitruunaperhonen in Finnish

Brimstone - sitruunaperhonen

Northern Wall Brown – metsäpapurikko

Northern Wall Brown - Metsäpapurikko

Scarce Copper – loistokultasiipi

Scarce Copper - Loistokultasiipi

Northern Blue – ketosinisiipi, a tiny, all blue from the top.

Northern Blue - Ketosinisiipi

Some insects I do not recognize, in action.


I guess these were Common Bluet dragonflies – Okatytönkorennot. One of 59 species in Finland.

Common Bluets - Okatytönkorennot

Fine color of Melancholy Thistle – huopaohdake.

Melancholy Thistle - Huopaohdake


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