My top blog posts of 2012

Thanks for all readers/viewers of my blogs in 2012. Here are my the 10 most viewed blog posts published in 2012. Of these posts 4 are of kayaking trips of some sort, 4 are of winter activities like skiing, skating or walks. 5 of the posts are situated in southern Finland.

These posts include my highlights of outdoor year 2012.

1. Ice skating in Helsinki, Feb. 2012

A separate route circles the ice rink

A post of ice skating on one of the open air ice rinks in Helsinki.

2. Kayaking on lake Saimaa, July 2012


A post of kayaking trip to lake Saimaa. One of the most memorable moments of the year.

3. Seita trail in Ylläs, Oct.2012

The trail in the gorge

A day walk in October on the fells of Ylläs. An after-season visit to Lapland was nice because of relatively peaceful season in Lapland. The best colors of the fall had passed but still some left. Snow arrived pretty soon after the visit.

4. Skiing in Pirttimäki, Espoo, Jan. 2012


A post of cross country skiing in one of the skiing area of southern Finland.

5. Nuuksio national park in March, March 2012

Pine trees

A post of a day walk and skiing trip to the most popular national park of southern Finland.

6. Helsinki shoreline in June, June 2012


A post of a walk along the shoreline in Helsinki in the morning after a light rainshower. Familiar route that changes every day.

7. Kayaking and fauna in Linnansaari national park, Aug. 2012

Saimaa ringed seal tracker

Encounters with lake Saimaa fauna while kayaking in July and August. Another highlight of the summer, staying by lake Saimaa for holidays, lots of kayaking around great waters of Linnansaari national park.

8. Kayaking with a dog, July 2012

“Just checking the shore’s at the back”

A post of teaching a small dog to go kayaking.

9. January visit to Åland, Jan. 2012

Käringsund fish harbour from the other side of the bay

A post of the winter long-weekend trip to Åland island in Finnish archipelago. Unusual but interesting time for a stay.

10. Late evening kayaking in Helsinki, June 2012

Summer evening

A post of June evening kayaking on the waters of Helsinki.


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