Träskända park in Espoo

Träskända manor park in Espoo is an interesting combination of garden area, old trees, historical buildings and nature reserve area. It is one of the most important manor park areas in Finland.

The area has very interesting history with the long-time owner of Aurora Karamzin and her garden renovations. The best time to visit may not be rainy and grey November but during autumn colors in September or in early summer.

This oak is about 500 years old
Träskända Manor

In the 1820s an outdoorbuilding “Diana Temple” designed by Carl Engel was built. With graffiti spoiling the columns, only the upper parts have remained somewhat intact.

Diana temple – beautiful ceiling
Nature reserve area on the other side of the river
It’s been a long long autumn

In 1863 Russian emperor of Alexander II visited Träskända manor and a few arrangements were made. See fine miniatures of that time made for Espoo Museum.

Restroom for the emperor

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