Autumn colored rowan (pihlaja)

The Prey Trail in Ylläs

Prey trail sign

The Prey Trail is a short nature trail in Lapland, and it goes along the fell side of Yllästunturi. Iso-Ylläs is the best place to start for this easy 5 km trail, called Saalistusjotos in Finnish. There is Kahvikeitaan laavu, a lean-to shelter on the way up and after that you will enter the Pallas-Yllästunturi national park for a while.

Autumn colors

Prey trail in the forest

Part of the trail goes in the forest across little streams.

Little streams along the trail

Ascending terrain

Ascending terrain and leaving the forest behind..

Up the ravine

Into the ravine..

Sign post

A view to the fell

A view to the fell.

A viewpoint bench

A viewpoint to the east.

A view to the east

Mire and Aakenus fell on the background.

Rock plates

A closer look at rock plates.

Rock slope

Vast areas of the fell side.

Fell side

Passing reindeer

Passing reindeer at a suitable distance.

Autumn colored rowan (pihlaja)

Overall, these trails around Ylläs fells are very nice for short half day hikes. Of the many circle trails you can combine longer ones or go across the fells.


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