Saivonkierros trail in Ylläs

Saivonkierros is a short trail near Äkäslompolo and Pallas-Ylläs national park leading to ancient sacred place of Sami people of Lapland. In old times not everyone dreaded to enter the area and it was forbidden of women and animals to approach the place. There are info boards along the route explaining old traditions and beliefs.

In early October on a bit wet day it was very peaceful on the trail, no other visitors during the visit. The trail starts by the local road, crosses Äkäsjoki river once, comes to Saivo lake and then returns on the other side of the river to the road. The circle route is only 3 km long but is close to other paths if one wants a longer walk.

Start of the trail
Marked trail with nice and easy terrain
Across Äkäsjoki river
Wet duckboards in early October
Hazel grouse (Tetrastes bonasia) / Pyy
Approaching the dreadful, ancient site of worship
No wonder – it sort of stares at you
The lake nearby has a story of its own
Saivo lake – surrounded by rocky banks
Steps form the lake
Fire site inside and outside at Äkässaivo
Like a clock – after starting the fire siberian jays arrive
Sausages – ryynimakkara for a change

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