Seita trail in Ylläs – Lapland

Seita trail in Äkäslompolo, Ylläs starts at Kellokas visitor center, one of the centers of Pallas-Yllästunturi national park. See the hiking trail map of Ylläs. The trail is about 9 km long so it is a very nice route for a short day hike.

The trail follows Varkaankuru nature trail for a while past Varkaankuru ravine and then continues round Kellostapuli fell and through Kellostapuli ravine. The first part of the trail follows the stream and goes in the forest on the northern side of Kellostapuli fell. The trail ascents on the fell quite a bit before reaching Kellostapuli ravine up between two fells.

One feisty woman welcomes you at the start of the trail
For nordic walkers
Varkaankuru ravine
Bridges cross the stream in several places
View to Pirunkuru gorge on Kesänki fell
Story boards tell about beliefs of Lapland’s sami people – Kellostapuli at the back

Kellostapuli ravine is mostly covered with duckboards and steps. Here starts the ascent to the ravine.

Start of the boulder field up between the tops of Kellostapuli and Keskinen laki
Little info huts on the trail
The trail in the gorge
After a little hike
Lots of quartzite and mist
Duckboards in the gorge
Limited visibility
More rocks

After the ravine there about 1 km to Varkaankuru lean-to. In early October after the high season of fall visitors it seemed to be very popular, I guess because many day trails go past and it is close to the visitors center.

Siberian jay (perisoreus infaustus) at the lean-to of Varkaankuru

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