Skiing in Luukki

At the end of February the weather was just perfect for skiing. The sun was shining, it had snowed a little in the previous night and it was just -4C. This time I went to Luukki recreation area, just 20 kilometers north of Helsinki. A nice forest ski track follows the 8,5 km long nature trail, leaving from north of Vihti road, going counterclockwise and coming back past small lakes of Halkolampi and Kaitalampi.

Half of the ski track is one way and not maintained a lot. There are no room for skate style skiers so it is perfect for enjoying the nature, the forest and old style skiing. There are a lot of hills and skiing up and down, trees are close to tracks and speed can get quite fast going down so you must have some basic or moderate skiing technique to enjoy the route.

Along the route there are four fire sites, all of them on the western side of the route; lake Väärälampi, two on lake Halkolampi and on lake Kaitalampi.

There are also two other ski tracks in the area, 3 km field track and 3 km track on the golf course which are two way tracks and well maintained. At the weekend there were a lot of people in the area but most of them seemed to be on the maintained tracks since I spotted only a few people on the forest track.

Cliffs on lake Hauklampi
Ski track is quite natural
Have to apply v-style going up
A view to pond Mustlampi
Near Halkolampi - halfway, came track maintanence
Easy skiing after the ski track machine
By the lake Halkolampi
Sudden breeze blowed snow from the trees
By the golf course track

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