My personal favourites of outdoor photos in 2011

I went through my outdoor pictures taken in 2011 and selected my favourites. There are two pictures that are also on the list of the most viewed of my 2011 flickr pictures (Skiing on sea in Helsinki and Kayaker in Lauttasaari). I selected these purely by my own feelings of the moment the picture was taken and ones that look the best to my eye. Which one is your favourite?

Skiing on sea in Helsinki, January 2011

This was taken near the shore of Lauttasaari in Helsinki at 4pm. Two skiers were just starting their ski trip to the sea. I had a few moments to get the picture while skiers were at the right place to the evening sun.

Skiing on sea in Helsinki

Twilight biking – underpass in Helsinki, November 2011

Unusually warm autumn and biking was still comfortable. I had my camera attached to my bike and when I noticed the blue color of twilight and the yellow light of underpass I just took some picture while cycling through.

Into the twilight - biker's underpass in Helsinki

Helsinki in twilight, November 2011

I was biking at dusk in Helsinki when there were these rare colors of blue and purple on the sea behind bare trees near the shore. I steadied the camera to the handlebar of my bike and took the picture.

Helsinki in November

A view from the ski cafe in Ylläsjärvi, Lapland. December 2011

This is a recent picture from the last days of 2011, taken on my holiday trip to Lapland. The blue colors of kaamos time brings out the peacefulness of the most darkest time of the north.

A view from Ylläsjärvi ski hut in December

Kayaking in Linnansaari national park, July 2011

I spend some time in summer in the lake area. I was kayaking past two small islands on lake Haukivesi. It was a perfect summer day, no wind at all. Sunshine was at the back so I turned and took a picture of the back of my kayak and of those tiny islands.

Linnansaari national park near Vehkaset islands

Kayaker in Lauttasaari, Helsinki. April 2011

As soon the ice melts from the sea the first kayakers are to be found paddling. As a kayaker myself it is always a happy sight as it is a sure sign of approaching spring.

Kayaker near Lauttasaari, Helsinki in April

Snorkeling on lake Keitele, July 2011

This was taken on the summer holiday in the central Finland. It was a fun day of water sports and swimming. I like the way water is formed in the front.

Snorkeling on lake Keitele

Just hop over it step by step, February 2011

I liked those big ice boulders on the shore of Helsinki on a sunny winter day. I asked my friend to pose on the cliff opposite the boulders to give some perspective.

Just hop over step by step

Skating on the sea in Helsinki, February 2011

This was taken at 6:30pm in late February. The light was disappearing fast. There was a sense of approaching spring in the air already though it was still possible to go skating on the sea.

Tour skating, Helsinki

Open water in Helsinki, March 2011

In early March the ice was melting fast. At the moment I took this picture towards the sun there were some people still walking on ice to the right corner of the picture.

Open water by Helsinki shore


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