My top blog posts of 2011

Thanks for all readers/viewers of my blogs in 2011. Here are my the 10 most viewed blog posts published in 2011. It’s interesting that out of 10 posts 7 are about my paddling trips; kayaking or canoeing. Some of the posts are of my trips done before 2011.

1. National parks of Finland for kayaking and canoeing, Jun. 2011

Typical view when paddling in Linnansaari np

A post of how to choose a most suitable national park for paddling, based on experience on the lake areas.

2. Kayaking in Päijänne national park, Feb. 2011

Paddling along Kelvenne island

A post of kayaking trip to lake Päijänne and Kelvenne island.

3. Tour skating tracks in Finland, Jan.2011


I gathered tour skating tracks in Finland in a map and list view and made a short description of each place.

4. Cross country skiing in Pallas-Yllästunturi national park, Lapland, Mar. 2011


A post of cross country skiing in one of the most beautiful national parks of Finland.

5. Kayaking in Kolovesi national park, Jun. 2011

Kolovesi national park - near Ukonvuori hill

A post of kayaking in lake Kolovesi, one of the most popular kayaking national parks.

6. Petkeljärvi national park in eastern Finland – great place for paddling, Apr. 2011

Petkeljärvi national park - view from Korkeasärkkä

A post of paddling and hiking in eastern Finland’s Petkeljärvi national park.

7. The top 5 places outdoors in 2010, Jan. 2011

Riisitunturi National Park

My top 5 places I visited in 2010 outdoors; Riisitunturi national park, Lake Pihlajavesi (Saimaa), kayaking in Helsinki, Vaarunvuori hill in central Finland and shores of Helsinki.

8. Paddling in Linnansaari national park, Aug. 2011

Leaving little islets behind near Vehkaset islands

A post of July kayaking at the lake area of Haukivesi in eastern Finland.

9. Canoeing in Oulanka national park, Apr. 2011

Sandy beaches are easy to land

A post of the canoeing trip to river Oulanka in north-eastern part of Finland.

10. Canoeing in Espoo – a day trip to the gate of Nuuksio national park, Jun. 2011

Break at the transfer point

A post of the canoeing trip to northern parts of Nuuksio and lake Saarijärvi.


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