Skiing in Ylläsjärvi in December

I spend Christmas time and the end of December of 2011 in Lapland. In southern Finland the weather was around +4 to +10C with no real winter and snow. The year’s worst storms hit souther parts of Finland cutting trees and electricity.

In the north, in Ylläsjärvi it was full winter with 40cm of snow and temperature varying from -3C to -20C. There were 110km of maintained ski tracks in perfect condition. I felt very lucky and started my skiing season with a big smile.

At the start of the week the sun did not rise at all but on the last day the sun rised at 12:00 and stayed to 12:53, 53 min. of official daylight. The daylight time with its blue moments was about 4-5 hours a day though.

24th of December, Christmas evening. No rush at ski tracks. Only one lone reindeer showed up on the tracks, did not want to get photographed.

24th of Dec.

25th of December. Perfect skiing weather, about -3C.

Santa's reindeer?
Late afternoon

26th of December. Quite stunning colors at 1.45pm. Some wind upper on the fell.

Setting sun
Towards Ylläs

27th of December. A bit colder day, about -12C. No strong wind though.


28th of December. Temperature dropped from -6C to -12C in an hour. Skiing was great. Later in the evening there was -7C in Ylläsjärvi village and on the other side of the fell in Äkäslompolo village temperature dropped suddenly to -20C.

29th of December. Late start to skiing because of last night’s northern lights watch (not spotted). It was about -10C and the daylight was quite grey.

Reindeer fence
Yllästunturi fell
A view from Aurinkotupa ski cafe
At 2:50 pm nice blue colors everywhere

30th of December. It has been snowing since last night it keeps snowing in the evening. The temperature is nice -7C but ski tracks keep get lost in snow though track maintenance machines run through routes. The holiday is ending just when you get hang of skiing again.

New snow keeps falling
Reindeer by the ski track
Track maintenance came just in time


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