Kivinokka recreation area in November

Kivinokka area in Helsinki is very versatile. It has nice walking paths, two beaches, pretty little cottages, a small boat harbor, Herttoniemi garden area with small cottages on tiny lots, a 19th century Kulosaari mansion, a nice summer cafe, a nature trail. In November it is quiet, most people have close their cottages for winter.

See my other post of Kivinokka in the spring time.

Tiny cottages are scattered around
A view from bird watcher's tower to Viikki Study and Research Farm

Green in November
Fallen logs

Autumn forest
Advice to nature walkers, Kulosaari mansion at the background
Old stone fence near Kulosaari mansion
Oak road to Kulosaari mansion
Kulosaari mansion is near the small boat harbor and Herttoniemi garden area
Matching colors of Kulosaari mansion

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