A day walk in Kaitalampi, Espoo

Kaitalampi lake is in northern Espoo, about 25 km from Helsinki, close to Nuuksio national park. It is a narrow 1 km long lake with a surrounding hiking path and a nature protected area west of the lake. The northern side is quite popular and has wide, well-beaten paths and a busy local road passes the area. The lake is quite popular among fisherman. The southern part of the lake offers more peace and less people.

What a variety of people were there in October weekend; I saw and heard runners, hikers, families, nordic walkers, a swimmer (water is cold), a fisherman (I heard fishing not allowed this year), dog walkers, a family carrying their own coal grill, geocachers, groups (one with a loud personality) that had really “occupied” the fire sites, people of different languages. The parking places are quite near to the paths and fire sites so popularity is quaranteed. Maybe it was this overwhelming range of people but I found the area not so relaxing (except some southern parts of it). Towards the late afternoon area got a bit more peaceful. Luckily there are a lot of other nice lakes nearby.

A view from the eastern side of lake Kaitalampi
A clear path up on the cliffs
The southern end of lake Kaitalampi
There's a little bog area in the south-western side of the lake
The highest point on the western shore of the lake
Beer case covers are so heavy to carry back
You cannot avoid hearing the talk from the fire site on opposite shore - if they are loud
Little stars
A very small island
Paths surrounding the lake on the northern side are wide and easy
One of the swimming decks of the lake
The terrain is the most used on the most popular eastern side of the lake
Two acts of stupidos
A view from the eastern shore
No rush on this part of the trail
Darker side of the forest
Short distances has its pros and cons

3 thoughts on “A day walk in Kaitalampi, Espoo”

  1. The dilemma with national parks: people go there to relax and to be “in nature”. Yet they forget their brains back home and ruin the parks with all kinds of stupid acts – (trash, killing trees, screaming on campfires) and sometimes make the relaxation bit difficult for others. It’s a very twisted way to say “Thanks!” to the nature.

    Anyways, nice pictures. Kiitos! Was a fun virtual trip before heading to bed! ūüôā

    1. Hei thanks! On this trip my eye caught all those not-so-nice things for some reason. Anyway, it made me miss some more peaceful places for a change. Well, you can’t always win when visiting these areas in Helsinki area ūüôā

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