Sorlampi nature trail in Espoo

Sorlampi nature trail in Espoo is about 5,5 kilometers long. Good place to start is the parking place of Nuuksionmaja if arriving by your car. The circle trail starts from the local road nearby. I walked past lake Hakjärvi and started my walk near the lake and walked the trail counterwise.

The trail goes partly in the protected area and past lake Sorlampi. It is close to Nuuksio national park and offers partly similar terrain and nature and seemed to be more peaceful at October weekend than Nuuksio np. The few people seen were cross country runners and mushroom pickers. If looking for longer trails you can easily reach Pirttimäki or Karjakaivo recreation areas.

Local road from Nuuksio hut to Sorlampi nature trail
Cliffs near Hakjärvimossen
Edible "koivunkantosieni" or poisonous "myrkkynääpikkä"?
Nature trail is marked with green lines
Piispanhiippa ("bishop's hat")
It's these people are after - suppilovahvero, funnel chanterelle
Trail leading to lake Sorlampi
Some muddy parts of the trail
Up on the hill is a cave - Hiidenpesä
The entrance to the cave is behind the tree
Not for claustrophobic
There's a window at the top of the cave
Jabba the Hutt of the cave
Trail map is needed if wandering off trails
Sorlampi fire site near the lake - less people than nearby Nuuksio np
Harmless grass snake (natrix natrix) sunbathing near the fire site
View to lake Sorlampi
One foot duckboards
Pikku (Little) Sorlampi
Duckboards - really appreciated
Leaving hazel tree grove behind
Pine forest at the end of the nature trail

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