A short walk near Pallastunturi fell, Lapland

The weather was not very dry for a short walk in Pallastunturi in mid September. A lot of people had arrived to the start of the trails to national park because of yearly Pallas Day. There were tents built near Pallas Visitor Center which offered local and Lappish products and food.

There are a couple of circle trails from the visitor center, one of them goes to the highest point of Pallastunturi called Taivaskero. That was the target but the clouds were hanging very low and the upper the trail got on the fell the harder the rain got. There were almost zero visibility up in the fell so it was not very tempting idea to go up to the top. So to the shorter route had to be settled for.

Some people were coming from the north from 55 km long Hetta-Pallas route which is the most popular hiking route of Lapland. It is absolutely worth hiking, the view from the top of the fells (in good weather) is great with rows of fells at distance. No luck with weather this time, leaves a wish to come back again.

The start of the trail near hotel Pallas
Ruins of the old functionalism style hotel - build in 1938, blown up in WWII year 1944
Clouds are hanging very low and no fell tops are visible
A view to Vatikuru gorge - the highest top of fell Taivaskero in the mist
Trail to the top of Taivaskero fell
A reindeer herd nearby came quite close to the trail
Vatikuru nature trail signs in five languages
A path to Palkaskero Circle trail and reindeer herder's cabin
Nature trail signs about different colors of reindeer
A view from the nature trail to the south - lake Jerisjärvi far away
Hotel Pallas seen from the trail - unusual location in the national park
Beautiful colors of juniper
Pallas Day in September brought a lot of visitors to Pallas Visitor Center and hotel

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