Pirttimäki outdoor area in Espoo

Pirttimäki outdoor area is in Espoo, southern Finland, only 15 kilometers from Helsinki. Pirttimäki has a web of different paths and routes which link the area to Nuuksio national park and Oittaa outdoor area. There are three tent sites, on shores of Sulalampi (Sultingsträsk), Hynkänlampi and Sorlampi small lakes. These have covered fire sites and there’s one at Pirttimäki cafe which is the most popular starting point. At Pirttimäki cafe there are two saunas which can be rented.

The area is covered in the new map of Nuuksio national park and in web you can find outdoor map of Helsinki metropolitan area which has main paths and fire places marked. Some paths are very wide, some more natural. The area seems to be quite popular with bikers and at the end of August quite a few mushroom pickers were spotted.

The area is nice for day walks, lots of paths to choose from. Close by is Karjakaivo outdoor area and next to it Nuuksio national park. In winter some paths are turned into ski routes which connects the area to popular Oittaa ski area.

At late August weekend there were no rush at paths, there were three tents at Hynkänlampi camping and at Sulalampi fire site only one group. At Pirttimäki there were more people and quite a rush at the fire site and at the parking place. In forest you could almost imagine to be in wilderness.


Forest in Pirttimäki
Some of the paths are very wide
Sulalampi pond
Fire site at Sulalampi
Pine forest
Still green in August
Fire site at Hynkänlampi
Steep shore at Hynkänlampi lake
View to Hynkänlampi lake
Picnic table at Hynkänlampi
Only 15 kilometers from Helsinki
Main paths are marked
Small pond of Lintulampi
Smaller path
A bit rockier

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