Störsvik nature conservation and recreation area in Siuntio

Störsvik nature area is about 40 kilometers west from Helsinki at the seashore. With nearby Kopparnäs area it is great hiking area for day trips or even camping a couple of days. The area has beautiful shores, cliffs and varying nature.

To visit Störsvik you can enter the area through Pickala, past golf course and park at the new parking place near Kolaviken and then follow the trail by the shore. That leads you to Sandviken’s beautiful sand beaches. The trail is not much used. The other trail leaves near the golf course, goes straight to the beach and is easier and shorter. You can also walk from Kopparnäs area using trail by the shore.

At the Sandfjärden bay there is a covered fire place and a smaller beach. Later I heard that there used to be a camping ground in Sandfjärden, luckily it is nowadays peaceful recreation area with no masses of people.

Trail leaves near Kolaviken harbor
The trail at the start near bay of Kolaviken
This shore trail from Kolaviken requires some climbing
The view from Ålandsberget
The shore trail is marked with white lines
View from the trail
The trail is very varying from this pine forest cliff combination...
.. to this moist overgrown meadow - there is a path in the centre, better wear long pants
The cliffs of Kurubackudden
Sandviken beach - saw only three groups of people while I was there
Wild flowers and cliffs near Sandviken beach
Pine forest by the beach
Cliffs at the back of the beach leading to another trail back to Pickala
Marked trail on cliffs
Cliff route
Route using old road leading to parking place near golf course
Pickala golf course near the parking place near Puhdistamo

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