Paddling on lake Kuolimo

I made a short trip to lake Kuolimo in July. Lake Kuolimo is in the south-eastern part of Finland, in the lake area and connected to lake Saimaa, Finland’s biggest lake. On the shore of lake Kuolimo is Savitaipale village which is a good place to start paddling and exploring the lake. There a list of destinations and camp sites on the pages of southern Carelia.

One interesting place just a short distance away from Savitaipale is Suomensalo island, which has fine long sandy beach and looked like a great terrain for camping. Known among paddlers Suomensalo in early July was empty, no boats or paddlers at all. I did just a day trip to the island with a canoe but hope someday to go back and go kayaking around lake Kuolimo for a few days.

Lake Kuolimo at night on the Lepänkanto shore
Clear water and sandy bottom of lake Kuolimo
Suomensalo island beach - no other visitors
Suomensalo island lean-to
Trail on Suomensalo island
Heather likes dry pine forests
There's a small pond called Salolampi on Suomensalo island
What's the story of this pine tree?
Suomensalo beach is very shallow and sandy
Another fire site on Suomensalo beach
Remains of ancient shoreline in protected area near Lepänkanto
Trail map of Savitaipale area - good starting point to paddling trips

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