A short walk by the sea in Helsinki – Koivusaari

Made a short walk in Koivusaari – on the western side of Lauttasaari. Koivusaari today is occupied by wintering sailboats. The new western line of metro is being build on the island at the moment. There are plans to turn tiny island to “maritime residental area” of 4000 residents so the shores will be transformed to quite different in coming years. The protected meadow, the huge rock and cliffs at the tip of the island will remain untouched.

There is a lot to see on such a small island, almost in the middle of Helsinki. Busy Länsiväylä highway is at the back and the calm sea in front, quite strange combination.

Still some ice left on the bay
Rock relocated by glacial ice at tip of the island
View from the tip of the island to north-west, Keilaniemi towers at the background
View to the south, Lauttasaari on the left
This rock moved by glacier is 5 meter high
6 saunas of the Finnish Sauna Society are on the opposite shore
Look, I'm trying to build a nest here. Great Crested Grebes (silkkiuikku) at the front busy at work
Sailboats are still wrapped at the dock
Nice dusk at 8:30 pm

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